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Perry is a true expert in his field and one-of-a-kind professional! I have had the pleasure of working with Perry over the last 10 years at Canada Post as a colleague and in my current role as Director, Business Performance Measurement. Perry has an unrivalled combination of experience and expertise in international and domestic postal performance analytics, in particular in the areas of complex international data interpretation, analysis, transformation, RFID technology and infrastructure, mail sortation and delivery processes, and official corporate performance reporting – he truly is the “entire package.” Perry’s in-depth knowledge of the International Postal sector and many years of active engagement with organizations such as the Universal Postal Union is leveraged constantly by his professional colleagues not only in Canada, but around the world. Perry has an impeccable record backed up by a long list of accomplishments and I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again in any capacity in the future.
Michael Breen
Business Analytics Director at Canada Post / Postes Canada
I worked with Perry for several years in my capacity as General Manager, International Product Management at Canada Post. During this period, Perry demonstrated highly developed analytical skills, the ability to link analysis conducted to our function’s key business goals, and also exhibited strong interpersonal skills. While Perry reported to another team, he was an excellent resource for my function. He consistently provided insightful analysis. He was able to “drill down” and provide root cause information which enabled the team to address quality issues. This ability to link analysis to my team’s objectives added significant value to the team. Equally importantly, Perry brings a very pleasant demeanour to his work. Perry was able to quickly build relationships with team members, and as a result of both this capability, and his analytical skills, he was viewed as a key team resource with whom people enjoyed working. I would recommend Perry for consulting work where the objective is to conduct deep analytics and then relate the analysis to team goals.
Dennis Jarvis
General Manager, International Product Management at Canada Post / Postes Canada
Perry has a very good understanding of RFID in all its aspects and in combination with his amazing knowledge of the postal products portfolio he manages to get the most out of the data. Where a data source is available, Perry will try to get his hands on it and integrate it in existing models to pinpoint/explain operational issues. His ability to present data is an easy way is remarkable. Thanks to his empathy he is able to relate to people, understand their real (reporting) needs and turn data inside out to provide them with a useful tool to improve their service. I would recommend Perry to any postal operator 'flooded' by data and needing a helping hand to turn it into a valuable source for service improvement.
Kristof Demesure
RFID Technology Manager at International Post Corporation
Perry is highly knowledgeable on RFID network for postal application. His ability to understand the process flow and capture the process flow with RFID network is very unique. Perry managed the RFID upgrade program at Canada Post very well. His project management skills right from RFID purchasing, installation and configuration are excellent. The program he has launched is running smoothly and on-time. I had the pleasure of working with Perry at Canada Post in 2019 and his skills on RFID installation and configuration are amazing. During this time Perry has proven to be a subject matter expert in RFID network.
Harshad Yadav
Manager, International Service Performance Evaluation at Canada Post / Postes Canada
Perry is a ”‘Genuine expert“ when thinking about International Operations and RFID technologies. I was impressed by Perry’s ability to manage highly complex Postal information systems and mail processes from all around the world! hands down to his business knowledge and technical abilities to build programs/tools with almost no effort ...both abilities are a rare find in one person. I had the pleasure of working with Perry for two years at the Canada Post - Service Performance team where I learned a lot from him and his great professionalism. As a team member, Perry earns my highest recommendation!!
Lethania Martinez M.Eng
Manager, Service Performance Measurement - Business Intelligence
Perry has represented Canada Post Corporation as GMS INBOUND national coordinator from 2014-2019. During this time Perry has proven to be a subject matter expert in international mail operations and performance measurement. Perry managed the successful implementation of the Global Monitoring System (GMS) measurement program for Canada Post Corporation with the UPU IB. His understanding of the GMS Technical Design and it’s guidelines has enabled Canada Post to maximize the benefits of the GMS measurement program.
Gonçalo Antão
Postal Operations Expert | International Freight forwarder
Perry is an exceptional data analyst. With over 25 years of experience, He is an expert with most of the international postal systems and it’s datasets. UPU GMS Star system, IPC Unex, IPC Prime Data, EMS Smart tool, IMATT messaging, receptacle data, GEIS, and many more. With all this knowledge he has been able to combine his expertise in SAS programming, VBA programming, Access dbs, excel, etc to build exceptional validation tools and databases over the years. These tools and data programs are able to reconcile billing volumes for products, validate customs corrections, weighting, flag anomalies, summarize and clean large data sets for CPC operations teams to analyze failures in lettermail processes, etc. His knowledge of RFID technologies and International postal operations with combination of data background makes him a One Stop shop. Perry is very professional and is a knowledgeable trainer who helped me understand data, data anomalies, SAS programming, and gave me background insights on postal operations, identifying root causes and how to relate data with it. I had a really great experience working with him at Canada Post this year. I wish him all very Best for a wonderful future as a consultant for the International E-commerce packaging and delivery industry.
Bhagya Jayaweera
Data Analyst | Business Intelligence and Analytics Canada Post